What's in Victoria Harbour? Why Boat and Yacht On-Site Repairs and Services Are Important?

November 16, 2017


Victoria Harbour is where Collins Street and Bourke intersect on the waterfront in the Docklands precinct in Victoria, Australia. It is a vibrant community that offers residential, business and entertainment offerings along with easy access to the waterways for those with boats or yachts. For further facts about this interesting location in Australia, read the following information.

Residential Area

Victoria Harbour contains a variety of sustainable residential buildings that makes living here ideal. You can select from penthouses, apartments, marina homes, freehold townhouses and more. Of course, the penthouses offer the height of luxury, plenty of natural light and designs that complement the harbour surroundings. Regardless of your lifestyle, you will find a residential structure that will suit your needs in this scenic location.

Business Area

The iconic business district of Victoria Harbour has water on three sides of it and green, open spaces between the innovative commercial buildings. With these pleasant surroundings, it is not surprising why workers decide to stay employed by the companies located here. Over 15,000 workers perform their duties each day in this commercial hub.

Entertainment Venues and Points of Interest

From Victoria Harbour, you can easily visit a multitude of entertainment venues and points of interest, including such ones as:

*Melbourne Star Observation Wheel – Ride this wheel for a unique view of the evening skies.

*Magic Charters Melbourne – Take advantage of various charter and cruise offerings through this venue in the Docklands.

*O’Brien Group Arena – This is the largest ice arena in Australia, and athletes train and perform in it year round. It is located in the Docklands not far from Victoria Harbour.

*Docklands Park – This park in Victoria Harbour offers landscaped gardens, free BBQ facilities, the interactive playground of the Play Journey and public art displays.

Easy Access to the Water

Mariners love this area too for its easy access to the water. You can travel the area with ease in your boat or yacht and take advantage of the amenities and services at the d’Albora Marinas Victoria Harbour marina along with other marinas in the area.

The Reasons That Boat and Yacht On-site Repairs and Services Are Important

We understand so much about this area since our company of Professional Marine Management delivers boat and yacht repairs and services on-site. Why is on-site important? By coming to your location, we keep you from being off the water for any longer than necessary whatever your mechanical issues or maintenance needs are with your boat or yacht. Consult with us in person or peruse our website to learn about the multitude of services that we provide to you on a mobile basis.

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