Sandringham Yacht Club and the Importance of Having Available On-Site Boat and Yacht Services

August 18, 2017


When you are busy enjoying the water in and around the Sandringham Yacht Club since it is where you dock your vessel, the last thing you want is a lengthy interruption in your schedule for repairs and maintenance. We are certain that you prefer to receive on-site boat or yacht services conveniently at the yacht club. Read the following to learn additional facts about this yacht club and the importance of on-site marine services.

About Sandringham Yacht Club

Melbourne’s foremost sailing club is the Sandringham Yacht Club or SYC is located on the foreshore of the scenic Port Phillip Bay. It offers mariners world-class event and sporting facilities directly on the waterfront. With 356 floating berths, waterfront support services, the Boating Academy and rights to use other yacht clubs worldwide, this club offers unparalleled membership benefits to Melbourne mariners. Regardless of your length of experience with boating or yachting, SYC will fulfil your marina needs.

Members of this establishment can take pleasure in the Club’s lively atmosphere that includes sailing regattas, boating events and industry events all throughout the year. SYC offers a delectable dining experience at an a la carte restaurant, complete with a view of the bay along with a bar and lounge just for members to enjoy wine, coffee or other beverages. The luxurious clubhouse also offers a number of versatile rooms and eye-catching bay views along with a quality beverage and food service.

Off-Water Events

Since SYC is such a scenic location, it is the go to place to different types of off-water events along with being the go-to place for marina activities. People book the following celebrations at these facilities:

  • Cocktail parties
  • Seated conferences and other events
  • Various types of weddings
  • Christmas parties
  • Other types of parties

Importance of Having On-Site Boating and Yacht Services Available at SYC

The main importance or benefit of having on-site services for your boat or yacht at SYC is convenience. When you pull into your berth at the marina, you can reach out for the services that you require without traveling off the water to receive them. As a result, you will be back enjoying the water in just a short time.

Consult with Professional Marine Management the next time that you need on-site boat or yacht services at Sandringham Yacht Club. We cater to the mariners at SYC all throughout the year. Our goal is to ensure that your vessel works to optimal levels whenever you desire to take a jaunt in it.

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