Pier 35 Marina Boat and Yacht Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

November 7, 2017


A short distance from the Melbourne CBD you will discover D’ALBORA Marinas Pier 35 on Port Phillip Bay. It offers mariners numerous amenities to help them enjoy the area to the fullest. Along with berths and storage options for your yacht or boat, you will discover club rooms, a restaurant and a café. In the surrounding area, there are even office accommodations. Our company, Professional Marine Management, is proud to serve this scenic area. Read on to learn additional facts about the marina and our many service offerings.

Pier 35 Wet Berthing

Take advantage of the convenience of wet berthing to have your boat or yacht available whenever you wish to enjoy the surrounding waterways. There are dockmasters on duty all throughout the year to help you with your ropes either upon arrival to or departure from your berth.

Dry Storage at Pier 35 Marina

If you only are an occasional mariner, you may prefer the dry storage at the marina. You can still access your boat in a matter of minutes with the help of one of the dockmasters.

Relax and Enjoy the View at This Marina

When you are hungry and thirsty, you can visit the Pier 35 Bar and Grill for a relaxing dining experience. Whether you desire just drinks and snacks with your friends or an intimate dining opportunity with your partner or spouse, you can find it at this establishment. Also, with its long windows, you can take in all of the scenic beauty of this waterfront location.

Other Services and Amenities at Pier 35 Marina

Fuel available seven days a week is another service that this marina provides. Pier 35 also will issue discount fuel cards to you upon request. Parking at the marina includes courtesy trolleys that provide easy access to the marina from your vehicle regardless of how busy it is on a given day. The marina also has on-site detailing and maintenance services along with boat sales offerings. Let’s not forget that there also are laundry and personal care facilities as well as a member’s lounge.

Our Service Options for the Mariners at Pier 35

Professional Marine Management provides mobile repair and maintenance services 24/7 to the mariners at Pier 35. Our wide assortment of services includes the following plus more:

  • Small and large marine engine repairs
  • Outboard services
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Engine oil analysis
  • Steering system services
  • Cleaning of the exterior and interior areas of the boat or yacht
  • Turbo replacement

For further Pier 35 Marina boat and yacht servicing, repairs and maintenance offerings from our company, contact us at your earliest convenience. Our goal is to return you to the water as soon as possible.

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