Moisture and Water Damage on Boats: Best Advice for Owners

February 26, 2018

So you are a proud boat owner but you have run into a little bit of a problem. Moisture and water damage has reared its ugly head and now you have a boat that could be running into some pretty big problems. So what is there for you to do? Well, first we have to acknowledge a few simple things. We have to acknowledge that moisture and water can damage a boat, no matter how ridiculous that sounds, and then we have to acknowledge that you are going to need some outside help for the situation to be remedied.

Moisture & Water Damage - A Hidden Boating Problem

A boat is a boat, it's meant to be in the water! What's the big deal? Well, unfortunately, water can have a huge impact on the overall health of your boat, no matter the make or model or type of material that was used during the construction phase. Water is going to make its way into any material if given enough time and once within, you could be looking at some real problems. Let's break down a few ways that water can begin to make life a problem for you and your boat.

1. Water in the hull.

Most boat owners probably don't think twice if a little bit of water gets into their hull. This is, unfortunately, a problem that needs a little bit more awareness. We call this 'water intrusion' and it leads to some serious problems. The biggest issue from water in your bilge is that you get closer and closer to sinking. Another issue is that water build up in your hull is going to do real damage to the structural integrity of the boat.

2. Poor storage practices.

Most people will likely keep their boats stored in water year-round, even if they don't always have eyes on it. If your bilge pump isn't operating at maximum efficiency, you could start to see moisture build up that causes degradation of the structural integrity of your vessel. This is a major no-go!

Professional Marine Management - Service You Can Trust

At Professional Marine Management we've spent the past 15 years honing our services and customer outreach in order to help keep you and your boat in the water. Whether you need help repairing a large engine or fixing a broken water pump, our professional service techs can help you out. We offer 24/7 mobile service to boat owners on and around the Peninsula. Call for a quote and an appointment today to make sure your boat is good to sail tomorrow.

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