Docklands: The Modern Harbour with Complete and Professional Boat Marine Services

October 16, 2017


Since July 2007, Docklands has been a part of the Melbourne municipality. This suburb’s 200 hectares include both land and water along with Victoria Harbour just west of the centre of the city. Thanks, to the Docklands joining forces with Melbourne, this area plays a significant role for the waterfront in this location. For one thing, the harbour provides a highly modern marine experience in the Docklands that is complete with professional boat marine services. We understand so much about this area due to the fact that we provide our mobile services to the mariners who frequent the Docklands.

Dockland’s Points of Interest

  • The harbour area is highly modern and not only offers a marina with berths for boats and yachts, along with other benefits for mariners, but also thriving business and residential areas. Expansion of this area has been going on for a number of years and will continue as long as the area thrives and prospers. In fact, experts predict that by 2031, the residents in the Dockland will number over 22,000. Also, by the same year, 50,000 people will work in this area and about 20 million visitors are expected on an annual basis.
  • Various attractions and events through the spring in a wide assortment of price ranges, so that all can enjoy the area.
  • Food is plentiful at the different restaurants in this area. Fresh food is a major offering in the cuisine for a true local food experience. You also can eat and drink while gazing at the water.
  • Some of the best shopping in Melbourne is in the Docklands. Instead of fighting the crowds in the CBD of Melbourne, discover the wholesale prices and fashionable brands in this less hectic shopping area.
  • Transportation to the Docklands is convenient since you can bicycle or drive to it as well as take public transportation or the City Circle Tram to arrive there without effort. This is one of the reasons why locals and travellers enjoy this area.

Services That Professional Marine Management Delivers to the Docklands

Our company, Professional Marine Management, provides mobile services 24/7 to mariners in the Docklands all throughout the year to guarantee that they do not need to be off the water any longer than necessary to return the boat or yacht back to prime operating condition. We provide a wide assortment of repairs and maintenance procedures such as the following:

  • Repair services for a variety of small and large marine engines, even those that run on diesel
  • Services for outboard motors
  • Diesel, petrol and I/O services onsite
  • Engine troubleshooting
  • Preventative services for engines including diagnostics and tuning
  • Oil changes
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Other pertinent boat and yacht services including exterior wash and interior cleaning ones

Consult with us if you need additional facts about our professional boat marine services that we deliver to the Docklands. You can count on us to deliver quality services at reasonable prices.

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