Boats and Yachts Repair Services in Mornington Peninsula

July 31, 2017


If you enjoy the waters in and around the Mornington Peninsula here in Australia on a regular basis, chances are that you will need boats and yachts repairs and other services periodically throughout your adventures. Issues happen that can keep you off the water until you address them in the correct manner. Professional Marine Management provides a complete lineup of repair services to owners of yachts and boats on this peninsula and the surrounding areas 24 hours each day all during the year.

About Our Company

Our Company is just what you need to make your boating life enjoyable and stress-free. We not only repair issues, but we also provide a variety of maintenance services even when you are busy elsewhere. Crews will clean your boat or yacht inside and out, and check your entire system to catch any problems before they turn into serious ones. The owner of our company is from South Africa and has extensive experience in marine repairs that dates back to 1999 when he moved to the Cayman Islands. As a result, you receive quality engine rewire, repower, rebuild, management services on all makes and models of engines.

We Are Mobile

Since we are mobile, we can come to your location when you are within our service area. We will come to your rescue even if you require our services in the middle of the night. Emergencies happen according to their own schedule and not always at convenient times. Professional Marine Management will repair your issues in the timeliest possible manner to enable you to continue enjoying the waterways.

Services That We Provide

We offer a wide assortment of services in the hopes that we can fulfil your needs in the complete manner. Refer to the following list to learn additional details on these services:

  • Thorough system checks
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Engine room detailing
  • Trailor repairs
  • Long-term and winter storage options
  • Seals
  • Impellers
  • Internal zincs
  • Water pumps
  • Preventative maintenance, flush and repair of cooling system
  • Upgrades, rebuilds, flushing and repairs for exhaust manifolds and heat exchangers
  • Turbo injector replacement
  • Repairs on steering and throttle cables
  • Repairs on hydraulic and cable steering systems
  • Engine oil analysis, troubleshooting, diagnostics and tuning, and preventative maintenance
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Service and repairs on generators
  • Outboard service
  • I/O service, diesel or petrol on-site engine
  • Large-engine repairs
  • Repair service for small marine diesel engines
  • Other pertinent services

Consult with us for further details about our boats and yachts repair services in Mornington Peninsula. We ensure quality workmanship, services and parts with all of our clients.

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