Best of Portsea, Victoria for Yacht and Boat Enthusiasts with All Services and Repairs Available

December 12, 2017


About 60 kilometres south of Melbourne CBD you will discover the scenic town of Portsea. Part of the claim to fame for this town is the millionaire mansions located in it, but there are other points of interest that one should visit. The town’s site is on Port Phillip Bay and the outer borders reach to Point Nepean and Bass Strait. We know that this area is worth visiting since our company, Professional Marine Management, delivers a variety of services and repairs to yacht and boat enthusiasts who enjoy the waterways around Portsea, Victoria.

Location of Portsea

The spot where Portsea is located is only 2 kilometres wide and right at Port Phillip with its calm waters. In the south, you can travel to Bass Strait and its rugged surf beaches.

Water and Beach Fun at Portsea

There is plenty of water and beach fun at Portsea. You can explore the waterways in your yacht or boat for one thing. Maybe you prefer to lounge on the beach or swim at Weeroona Bay. Surfing is ideal and exhilarating at the Portsea Surf Beach.

Portsea Is an Exclusive Place to Reside in Melbourne

This city has long been one of the more exclusive places to live in Melbourne, which is clearly evident by the 19th-century mansions with their lush gardens. On top of these, there are high-end weekend retreats and dream homes. All are perched high on the ridges that are above the coastal area of Portsea.

Do Not Miss Point Nepean National Park

On the western border of Portsea, is the Point Nepean National Park. You can explore relics of Aboriginal settlements and historic military fortifications. Even a quarantine station was once on this site in 1852 to safeguard Victoria for various diseases that people may have had who were arriving by boat.

Lodging is Available at Portsea Hotel

Visitors can rest their weary heads and bodies at the Portsea Hotel. This hotel has been providing lodging for travelers since 1876. You can enjoy spectacular views of Port Phillip Bay during your relaxing stay along with your meals. Also, the hotel is available for weddings and private functions all throughout the year.

When you are a mariner in the waters around Portsea, depend on Professional Marine Management for all of our services for your yacht or boat. We will come to you with our mobile services that range from engine and mechanical parts repair to general maintenance and care. Our technicians are highly skilled to work on a wide range of watercraft.

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